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Christine Hopper


What is Psychoanalysis?
Psychoanalysis was created by Sigmund Freud, named ‘’The Talking cure’’, following his discovery of the unconscious. The setting of Psychoanalysis relies on the patient free association of speech. The analyst major task strictly operates as a benevolent listener, followed with careful interpretation of the words, and signs the patient‘s own particular language expresses during the sessions, hence a precise deciphering of the patient unconscious message starts in mutual trust and confidentiality. With the help of the analyst, the analysand (the patient) will gradually become aware of his/her symptom. Through the identification of his patient symptoms, the analyst work takes place as well to possibly change the structure patterns. The aim is to improve his /her quality of life in both relationship and work. The analysis work begins with the transference at work between the analyst and the analysand in first place links with his desire to know.

The work of psychoanalysis is to unlock old patterns of life often rooted in childhood which are holding the subject back and making his life miserable stopping him to enjoy life and achieve his goals. The aim of the treatment is to help the subject to retrieve his/her own undiscovered desire. In doing so one begins to change and quit these useless repetitions patterns, hence is able to decide to lead his life according to his singular own desire hopefully with love in his relationships and in his work. .

About Christine Hopper
Christine Hopper is a bilingual English and French Psychoanalyst, partly trained in the UK and in France, she has been in analysis for 10 years successively with analyst Darian Leader in London and then with analyst Colette Soler in Paris. She completed her own analysis at EPFCL in Paris in 2018. Christine is currently a member of Ecole de Psychanalyse des Forums du Champs Lacanien, or EPFCL Paris where she continues her own research work and studying psychoanalysis. In her own words she describes what she gained from Psychoanalysis:
‘’I truly believe in the power of speech at work in analysis, in the power of words. Because most of the time we cannot hear what we say when we address the other. Quote from analyst C. Soler: ‘’During the cure the subject is here ‘’ to say himself ’’ is here to deliver what the self is, ( Ce que le soi –est ) ‘’ He then will produce words which will surprise himself! ‘’ Thanks to the desire of the analyst, desire of his knowledge.

The priceless work I have carried on for years during my own analysis has gratified and changed my life for the best I could expect. The greatest work effects an analytical cure can bring is freedom of the body and mind , coming with the changes that occur during the treatment which activate the wheel of doing, doing with love, in work and in relationship with the other.

Membership of Professional Organisations
Ecole de Psychanalyse des Forums Du Champ Lacanien EPFCL Paris.

Telephone Christine on: 07739 377693