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Whitstable Osteopathy for adults


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Osteopathy for adults

The majority of patients at the Practice are adults and the most common complaint we see is back pain. Osteopathy is perhaps most famous for its treatment of this kind of pain, but in truth we see patients with a whole range of problems, from their heads to their toes!

Sometimes this pain is the result of an accident or trauma, sometimes it is caused by repetitive strain, surgery or even dental work and problems can manifest immediately, or lie dormant for many years.

We use the gentlest treatment methods that are effective, which means that more often than not we will combine Cranial and Structural technique. However, we always bear in mind your preferences, age, and state of health. We often see patients who are undergoing medical treatment, because Osteopathy treats the whole person and is safe to combine with other methods. We will refer you back to your GP if necessary.

If you would like to find out how osteopathy can help you, then please call us on 01227 264655 to discuss your needs.